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The coffee shop will be closed for a while due to renovations.

【Opening Hours]Breakfast 7:00 to 11:30/Lunch 11: 30-15: 00

Closed every Monday
*Novel Coronavirus, there may be holidays other than Monday.
Please check at the time of booking.

Breakfast has a wide variety of menus.

  • Japanese Food

    • Reservations are made at check-in.

      Japanese food morning

      Menus such as small bowls change depending on the day. There is different fun on that day.

      Egg over rice

      Breakfast classic TKG!

      Shirasu rice

      Please enjoy Kochi's specialty shirasu.
  • Western Food

    • Reservations are made at check-in.

      Standard toast

      Morning of classic bread in the morning.

      Hot sandwich

      Please enjoy with hot sandwich and coffee.

      French toast

      Very popular with sweet and delicious children!
  • Lunch

    *Maximum number of characters:750 characters
    • Menu title "Required" * Maximum number of characters:40 characters

      Menu label【Required】

      Description "Required" * Maximum number of characters:120 characters
      *Maximum number of characters:40 characters
      Period available:
      *Maximum number of characters:60 characters
  • Breakfast venue"Cafe 508 dining room"

    We offer an abundant morning menu.
    Lunch is also available, so please drop in.
    • 【Open Hours】From 7:00 to 15:00