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Excellent convenience in the center of Kochi city

Hirome Market, Kochi Castle, and downtown Kochi are within walking distance! Please come.

Information on Surrounding Area

Introducing information about the area around Kochi Terminal Hotel
  • Attractions

    • Harimaya Bridge〈3-minute walk〉

      Harimaya Bridge is located at the Harimaya Bridge intersection in Kochi City
      Harimaya Bridge is also famous nationwide for its lyrics in Yosakoi Dance
      The only intersection of tram tracks is the Harimaya Bridge intersection.
      There is a large Karakuri clock tower, and at 0 minutes every hour, Kochi's tradition begins to dance with lively music.
    • Kochi Castle〈15-minute walk〉

      It retains its graceful appearance, which is called "the only famous castle on the Nankaido
      In 2003, 400 years after the castle was built and 250 years after its reconstruction, the greatness of the real castle still invites visitors to the romance of history.
  • market

    • Sunday market〈10-minute walk〉

      Kochi City in Tosa a Gairoichi (street market)" that has been around for more than 300 years since the Edo Period
      A typical example is Otesuji, which extends from the Kochi Castle "Sunday market"
      In the Sunday market, various things such as fruits, vegetables, flowers and trees, potatoes, fish, antiques, etc. are sold.
    • Hirome Market〈15-minute walk〉

      Hirome Market is a sightseeing and restaurant in Kochi that sells Kochi's special products and souvenirs.
      There are endless ways to enjoy eating, buying, watching, and playing.You can enjoy it according to yourself.
  • Tram

    • Toden train〈1-minute walk〉

      Tosa Electric Railway's tram, which is indispensable for Kochi citizens. "Toden train"
      Toden is the "Toden" of Tosa Electric Railway
      Founded in 1904, it boasts the oldest history of trams operating in Japan.
      The station name of the first train and the last train is "Gomen". "Ino"
      Gomen, Gomen, it's a train with humor that answers "I'm sorry".
  • Peripheral facilities

    • Kochi City Cultural Facility CUL-PORT"2-minute walk"

      A multifunctional cultural hall located in Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture, nicknamed CUL-PORT
      Yokoyama Memorial Manga Museum, a citizen's gallery with an exhibition area of 1,500 m2, a central public hall, and a restaurant, as well as two large and small halls.